Marked English Mock Exam


Our Marked English Mock Exams allow you to find out how ready you are for your exam.  Find out your readiness for the final exam.

Once you’ve done the Mock Test, one of our tutors will contact you to explain your results, signpost you to specific learning resources you need to get exam ready, and give advice on how to quickly get through your learning, so that you can sit your final exam.


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Our tutor support is available to anyone on a Functional Skills course. Whether you’re already one of our learners or learning with a local college or online training company.

At Think Online Training, we have been supporting students for over 15 years. We have an experienced team of maths tutors available to help guide you through any areas you’re struggling with to help you get over the finishing line.  So, whether you need it to get a new job, access higher education, or just to achieve your own personal goals, let us help you!