Functional Skills English Level 1 Revision

Do you need help with Functional Skills English Level 1 revision? We’re here to help. Use our guide to Functional Skills English Level 1 revision to prepare for your level 1 English test.

How do the Functional Skills English 2019 Reforms affect your revision?

The first thing to know when looking for revision resources is that you need to be aware of the 2019 reforms.

From September 2019, reforms to Functional Skills English came into effect. The changes have affected the course syllabus and the final test. For example, there is a larger focus on spelling, punctuation and grammar in the reforms. At Entry level, you’ll be expected to complete a spelling test.

Our advice is to use recently published Functional Skills English Level 1 revision books, worksheets, revision cards and other resources.

Are you using level 1 English revision resources created before September 2019? Be aware that they might not include all of the new syllabus. Or the learning material might approach some areas of the syllabus differently.

Who is your Functional Skills English awarding body?

The examining bodies who offer Functional Skills English Level 1 include; AQA, City & Guilds, Edexcel, OCR and Pearson. The level 1 English courses offered by each examining body may vary. We recommend using revision resources specific to your awarding body. For example; if you’re studying City & Guilds Functional Skills English Level 1, use worksheets, revision cards, test papers and quizzes etc written for the City & Guilds course.

Functional Skills English Level 1 Online Revision

Here are some of the best online resources for Functional Skills English Level 1 revision. They include online quizzes, worksheets you can download and print, revision cards and past papers. BBC Revision Resources: click here. Skills Workshop Revision Resources: click here. AQA Revision Resources: click here. OCR Revision Resources: click here. NCFE Revision Resources: click here.

Functional Skills English Level 1 Revision Books

The Functional Skills English: Level 1 – Study & Test Practice (for 2019 & beyond) is the only comprehensive guide written for Functional Skills English after the reforms. Are you starting a Functional Skills English Level 1 course after September 2019? Then this is the book for you. You can buy if from their website: click here for more info.