Functional Skills English Practice Test Marking

Are you revising for your Functional Skills English Level 2 tests with some practice tests?

We offer a Functional Skills English test marketing service. Find out who well you did and get expert feedback to help your revision and final exam preparation.

There are many advantages of completing practice tests before sitting your final Functional Skills English Level 2 tests, including;

  • Find out your strengths and weaknesses to help with revision
  • Become more comfortable with the style of questions and answers that will be used in the real exam
  • Reduce fear and anxiety and gain confidence that you’ll do well in the final test
  • Practice pacing yourself through the test with a time limit
  • Find out how well your learning is progressing and whether you’re ready for your final tests


Here’s what our customers are saying

“It’s friendly, relaxed and you’re ultimately in control of your own outcome, but the help is there if you want it. You couldn’t ask for more from a training provider.”

Max Arnold

Past Learner

“Thanks to this qualification, my confidence has soared!”

Clair Middleton

Past Learner