GCSE Maths for Adults

Are you an adult who needs to study GCSE Maths? Didn’t get the grades you needed in school? It’s not too late to resit your GCSE Maths. There are also other options equal to GCSE like online Functional Skills courses.

Adults can study GCSE online at home or at a local college. However, GCSE can often take a long time to complete and you may have to wait for fixed enrolment dates and exam dates.

A good alternative to GCSE for adults is Functional Skills. There are a few reasons why adults may want to complete Functional Skills rather than GCSE. These include:

  • You can get started straight away
  • Functional Skills has no fixed exam dates
  • Functional Skills can be completed much quicker than GCSE
  • Functional Skills is a nationally recognised qualification
  • Many universities and employers accept it as an alternative

Have a look at our online Functional Skills courses for Adults below.