Functional Skills English Level 2 Syllabus

The syllabus for Functional Skills English Level 2 includes the following modules and units.

Speaking, Listening and Communicating

  • Identify relevant information from extended explanations or presentations
  • Follow narratives and lines of argument
  • Respond effectively to detailed questions
  • Make requests and ask detailed and pertinent questions
  • Communicate information, ideas and opinions clearly and effectively providing further detail where required
  • Express opinions and arguments and support them with relevant evidence
  • Use language that is effective, accurate and appropriate to context
  • Adapt contributions to suit audience
  • Interject and redirect discussion


  • Identify when the main points are sufficient and when it is important to give specific details
  • Compare information, ideas and opinions
  • Identify implicit and inferred meaning in texts
  • Textual feature and devices
  • Use a range of reference material and resources for different purposes
  • Understand organisation features and use them to locate relevant information
  • Analyse texts of varying complexity
  • Follow an argument, identifying points of view
  • Distinguish fact from opinion
  • Identify styles of writing and writer’s voice


  • Spelling, punctuation and grammar
    • Punctuate correctly using a wide range of punctuation marks
    • Use correct grammar (subject-verb agreement, tenses, definite and indefinite arguments) and modality devices (probability or desirability)
    • Spell words used in work, study and daily life
  • Writing composition
    • Communicate information, ideas and opinions clearly, coherently and effectively
    • Write text of and appropriate level of detail and length to meet the needs of purpose and audience
    • Organise writing for different purposes using format and structure
    • Convey clear meaning
    • Use different language and register, suited to audience and purpose
    • Construct complex sentences using paragraphs where appropriate