Functional Skills English Level 1 Syllabus

The syllabus for Functional Skills English Level 1 includes the following modules and units.

Speaking, Listening and Communicating

  • Identify relevant information from explanations or presentations
  • Make requests and ask relevant questions to obtain information
  • Respond effectively to questions
  • Communicate information, ideas and opinions clearly and accurately
  • Express opinions and arguments and support them with evidence
  • Follow and understand discusions and make contributions
  • Use appropriate phrases, registers and adapt contributions for audience, purpose and medium
  • Respect the turn-taking rights of others and use appropriate language for interjection


  • Identify and understand the main points, ideas and details in texts
  • Compare information, ideas and opinions in texts
  • Identify meaning in texts and distiguish between fact and opinion
  • Recognise that language and other features can be varied to suit different audiences
  • Use reference materials and strategies for a range of purposes
  • Understand organisational and structural features and use them to locate relevant information
  • Infer from images
  • Recognise vocabulary typically associated with specific types and purposes of texts
  • Read and understand a range of specialist words
  • Use knowledge of punctuation to aid understanding of straightforward texts


  • Spelling, punctuation and grammar
    • Use a range of punctuation correctly
    • Use correct grammar (subject-verb agreement, tenses, definite and indefinite articles)
    • Spell words used most often in work, study and daily life
  • Writing composition
    • Communicate information, ideas and opinions clearly, coherently and effectively
    • Write text of and appropriate level of detail and length to meet the needs of purpose and audience
    • Use format, structure and language appropriate for audience and purpose
    • Write consitently and accurately in complex sentences