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Do you need help preparing for your GCSE Science exams? Our GCSE Science online course will help you improve your English skills, track your progress and build your confidence that you’re ready to pass your GCSE Science exams.

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GCSE Science Online Revision

Our GCSE Science online course will help you revise for your GCSE Science Exams.

GCSE Biology

  • Energy
  • Forces and Motion
  • Waves in Matter
  • Light and Electromagnetic Waves
  • Electricity
  • Magnetism and Electromagnetism
  • Particle Model of Matter
  • Atomic Structure

GCSE Chemistry

  • Atomic Structure and The Periodic Table
  • Structure, Bonding and Properties of Matter
  • Chemical Changes
  • Energy Changes
  • Rates of Chemical Change
  • Quantitative Chemistry
  • Extraction of Metals
  • Fractional Distillation
  • Chemical Analysis
  • The Earth and Atmospheric Science
  • Life Cycle Assessments and Recycling

GCSE Physics

  • Biodiversity
  • Selective Breeding and Gene technology
  • Transport
  • Cell Biology
  • Cell Metabolism
  • Ecosystems
  • Coordination, Control and Homeostasis
  • Growth and Development
  • Health and Disease
  • Inheritance, Variation and Evolution
  • Photosynthesis
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Zoe Spilsbury
Zoe Spilsbury
Very supportive tutors who encouraged me until I achieved the desired result.... and this took 3 attempts!! Even when I felt like giving up Tim, Helen and team were there for me offering support. Thankyou
Think Online training have guided me from the start to ensure I had the best possible chance of success. Helen Wild was incredible with me. There was a stage where I had to put on hold my learning due to unfortunate issues in my personal life and not only did she check up on me to see if I was okay, she also showed incredible patience with the delay in my studying. When I was able to continue she helped me through to the exam day and, thanks to her, I am now pleased to have passed.
Jason Scott
Jason Scott
I can't thank everyone at Think Online enough! I was offered a last minute place on a University apprenticeship and had to attain both Maths and English at Level 2 in a very short space of time. With an enormous amount of support from Helen, Tim, Stephane and all the team at TO I have achieved my goal! No fuss, prompt replies, including Tim taking time on his weekend to mark my mocks ahead of sitting the exam. Truly first rate experience all round. Thanks Guys! Jason
Samphire Bartholomew
Samphire Bartholomew
I'm really grateful to the team at Think Online Training who guided me through passing my Functional Skills Level 2 Maths qualification recently. I found them very professional and supportive all the way through the process - it took me about 2 months to pass and it's enabled me to continue on my change of career path whereby I needed Maths to be accepted on my chosen uni course. It's preferable to take abit longer to complete the online course, then have time to revise and sit a couple of mocks before the actual exam, but I only had a limited timeframe to do it so had to put in the extra hours - it shows it is do-able in a short space of time! However, Level 2 is challenging although the online course is excellent at taking you up the levels so you can gradually progress. So, a massive thank you to the team at Think Online Training, you've helped me to move forward in my life in a major way 🙂 Best wishes, Samphire
David Caswell
David Caswell
Great place to learn, super helpful was able to pass both my English and Maths Functional skills level 2 in about 4 months! Tutors are all brilliant and really care.
Sharon Ball
Sharon Ball
Think employment gave me the chance to change my life for the better. I needed a gcse grade c and it had been over 30 years since leaving school and could remember what exams I had taken then so I searched the Internet to find a course that I could do immediately as most places were closed not just because of Covid but because it was the summer term. So I checked out their website and someone contacted me straight away and said they could fit me in within the month, great I thought that was back in July I have now passed both my maths and English level 2 and so I can apply for my next journey of improving my skills and life chances. Thanks to Helen for all her help who was always at the end of the phone or email, a tremendous person to have at your time in need. Thanks to Jen and tim for being great tutors.
Teresa prout
Teresa prout
Excellent way to learn online . Tutor’s were very helpful and gave great support. Would really recommend this service. 😊
I’m so happy that I chose think online training to help me pass my maths exam. Maths is my least favourite subject, but the resources that were provided and the fantastic support that I received made me feel confident and well prepared.
Miss katrina roche
Miss katrina roche
Really good service one of the team Helen wild is fab keeps you completly updated on everything especially through the coronavirus when she would have been inundated.
Taylor Smith
Taylor Smith
Would avoid. Not a great service, does not include exam costs which are quite high. Contacting the platform itself is also difficult, often questions in emails are ignored/brushed over. Then was effectively suggested I was a liar when I couldn't access the FAQ (for some reason they did not open). Simply not happy with the service. Diagnostic test in my opinion is not thorough unlike others I have tried (undertook maths, and other subjects, on previous platforms). Cheaper alternatives available.
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