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Do you need help preparing for your GCSE English exams? Our GCSE English online course will help you improve your English skills, track your progress and build your confidence that you’re ready to pass your GCSE English exams.

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Learn GCSE English Online

Our GCSE English online course will help you pass your GCSE English Exams. Make the most of the time you spend learning and revising with our 4 step learning plan.

Step 1: English Skills Assessment

Our GCSE English overview assessment will help our tutors assess your current English skill level. You’ll complete 40 exam-style questions. The questions in the exam are based on similar questions in recent GCSE English exams and will cover a broad range of English topics.

Step 2: GCSE English Strengths & Weaknesses Assessment

The second step of our GCSE English online course will help our English tutors identify your strengths and weaknesses. So we can create a personal learning plan that prioritizes areas where you need to focus your learning and revision.

Step 3: GCSE English Learning Resources

In this step you’ll be given access to English learning resources for your personal learning plan. The English resources will help you focus on the areas you need to improve to pass your GCSE English.

Our English learning resources are interactive and include videos, learning information and examples. The English resources are also self-marking so you’ll immediately find out whether you’re ready to move on to the next section.

Step 4: GCSE English Exam Practice

The fourth step of the course is GCSE English exam practice. We’ll help you prepare and revise for your GCSE English exams. This part of the course include exam-style practice questions with additional support and resources. You’ll be able to work at your own pace at foundation and higher tiers.

You’ll also be able to complete End Tests so you can be confident that you’ve developed the English skills you need to pass your GCSE English exams.

Please Note: we don’t offer GCSE English exams. You will need to arrange your GCSE English Exams as a private candidate. Contact your exam board for more information.

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