The GCSE English resit dates for November 2019 for AQA, OCR and Pearson Edexcel. Did you fail your GCSE English? Find out when you’ll be able to retake your GCSE English exams.

Examining BodyDateExamDurationCode
AQAMonday 4th NovemberEnglish Language Paper1 hour 45 minutes8700/1
AQAWednesday 6th NovemberEnglish Language Paper 21 hour 45 minutes8700/2
OCRMonday 4th NovemberEnglish Language - Communicating information and ideas2 hours 0 minutesJ351/01
OCRWednesday 6th NovemberEnglish Language - Exploring effects and impact2 hours 0 minutesJ351/02
Pearson EdexcelMonday 4th NovemberEnglish Language: Paper 1: Fiction and Imaginative1 hour 45 minutes1EN0 01
Pearson EdexcelWednesday 6th NovemberEnglish Language: Paper 2: Non-Fiction and Transactional Writing2 hours 0 minutes1EN0 02